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Rethinking Cloud Service Level Agreements

There are very different contexts for Cloud SLAs

Garbage in the Cloud

The Cloud is a magnet for all sorts of garbage

هل هناك مستقبل للتطبيقات البرمجية المؤسسية

هل هناك مستقبل للتطبيقات البرمجية المؤسسية ترجمة: وائل الخواص – 7 ديسمبر 2009 يمكنك قراءة المقال من خلال هذا الرابط غالبا ما يتبادر الحديث ضمناً عن دور ومستقبل التطبيقات البرمجية المؤسسية عند الحديث عن البنية القائمة على الخدمات (SOA). ففى الواقع فإن زاب ثينك (ZapThink) تتحدث منذ …

Is there a Future for Enterprise Software?

The conversation about the role and future of enterprise software is a continuous undercurrent in the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) conversation. Indeed, ZapThink’s been talking about the future of enterprise software in one way or another for years. So, why bother bringing up this topic …

Who’s Architecting the Cloud?

As the hype cycle for the cloud computing continues to gather steam, an increasing number of end users are starting to see the silver lining, while others are simply lost in the fog. It is clear that the debate over the definition, business model, and benefits of …

Cloud providers answer the tough questions

Some EC2 integrations are more complex, he acknowledged, particularly when there are abstraction layers. “It may take custom development work to use EC2 or other services in a way that a developer wishes.” He added that he does not believe that a metadata API exists for describing Amazon services.

Amazon’s Elastic Block Store service, which runs on top of its virtualization infrastructure to abstract the underlying storage resource, does not adversely affect application portability, said ZapThink managing partner Jason Bloomberg.

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Busting the Myths About SaaS

According to David Linthicum of ZapThink, enterprise architects must plan for SaaS. “Many Global 2000 enterprises could find that 20-30% of their enterprise applications are SaaS-delivered and need to function like any other enterprise system, working and playing well with others — users, legacy systems etc.” Meanwhile, Beagle Research Group points out a major reason why SaaS has infiltrated the enterprise, suggesting the traditional software paradigm is in serious trouble. “Application development has become complex and expensive to the point that it presents a serious impediment to business growth,” it says.

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As announced last week,’s Development-as-a-Service presents “a new set of development tools and APIs that enable enterprise developers to easily harness the promise of cloud computing. Providing full access to the database, logic and user interface capabilities of the Platform, Development-as-a-Service unites the productivity of development and IT collaboration tools with the power of Platform-as-a-Service.”

The announcement is creating some excitement in the world of SaaS, SOA and application development. Development-as-a-service offers a few native features, such as a metadata application programming interface for accessing database schema, user interface code, and business logic on the platform.

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‘How Mature is the SaaS Market?’

I ran across this article in Computer World entitled “Nine things you need to know about SaaS.” Pretty normal SaaS 101 stuff, but I was interested in number seven, “How mature is the SaaS market.” The answer offered, as quoted below, came from SaaS expert Mike West, Vice President at Saugatuck Technology, a boutique management consulting and subscription research company focused on disruptive technologies.

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Leveraging an On-Demand Platform for Enterprise Architecture

typically don’t plug my Webinars here, but there is a very interesting one I’m doing on Thursday (tomorrow)…Leveraging an On-Demand Platform for Enterprise Architecture. This is an essence the talk I gave at Dream Force last week in San Francisco. I’ve gotten some good feedback from that one.

What’s cool about this the paradigm shift. While I’ve been an advocate for integration on-demand (e.g., my past gigs at Grand Central and BRIDGEWERX), applications on-demand, the notion of a platform on-demand has only recently come to life with the stuff that has been working on. So, tune into this one. It’s going to be more education than a “sell job.”

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