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Looming disasters, and other tech predictions, for 2014 and beyond

OpenStack will implode

When is a Private Cloud not a Private Cloud?

Even single tenant VPCs aren’t true Private Clouds

Managing BYOD with the Cloud

Kaseya BYOD Suite offers a secure, device-based container

SOA’s second life as enterprise API and other 2014 predictions

“OpenStack will implode”: Yikes.

Impending OpenStack Implosion: More Detail

OpenStack might collapse under its own weight

DevOps Leadership with Jason Bloomberg Exc#6: Amazon, Cloud Reality and All the Other Vendors

Virtually nobody else other than AWS is getting this stuff to work.

Webinar Jan. 9: Big Data for Good or Evil – Lessons from the NSA PRISM Scandal

Big Data are only going to get larger and more dangerous.

What They’re Not Telling Us about the French Government’s Spoofed SSL Certificates

Can we trust PKI at all anymore?

Philippe Kruchten on Agile Architecture

The book by Jason Bloomberg is a good example of agile architecture.

A look ahead: Forecasts for 2014

I predict a “Cyber 9/11”


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