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Ronald Schmelzer

Ronald Schmelzer has written 440 posts for ZapThink

A Conversation on NoSQL

Dealing with the pending Data Explosion Crisis

Thinking Big in Baltimore

ZapThink founder Ron Schmelzer’s privately-held firm provides SOA, enterprise architecture, and cloud training and consulting, and has done big business with the fed market, with customers including BEA Systems, ManTech, NASA,Veterans Affairs, and the Office of Naval Intelligence (hold on while we pick those names off the floor). While federal enterprise architecture training has been a [...]

How I Became a REST “Convert”

SOA can be done well in practice without using Web Services in any significant manner

Cloud Security: Not an Oxymoron

Can we get the benefits without the risks?

What are Your Predictions for 2011? (and Happy Holidays!)

First, we’d like to wish all our ZapFlash readers, friends, colleagues, customers, and everyone else a happy holiday season! With business slowing over the next week or so as people get together with family and friends and take some needed time off, this is a good opportunity to catch up on some reading (hint hint) [...]

The Cyberwar Hits Home: Think You’re Immune? Think Again.

The Cyberwar hits home. Duck and cover?

The Enterprise App Vendor Crisis

2010 may be the year that many of the Crisis Points identified in ZapThink’s Vision of Enterprise IT are coming to fruition. Point in fact: a jury awarded Oracle over $1.3 Billion dollars in a suit against SAP on charges of copyright infringement and improper customer poaching. While the details of the suit are not [...]

ZapThink announces “White Paper Spree”

We’re already in the final quarter of 2010, and what a year it has been! Last year around this time, we offered to our vendor customers an opportunity for ZapThink to write white papers at a greatly reduced cost. It was such a huge success for our customers and us that we’re offering that again! [...]

Save Money on Zapthink Training & Events!

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Millennials Don’t Want Enterprise IT to Party Like It’s 1999

There’s an invasion coming. In fact, it’s already under way, and you probably haven’t already realized that you’re about to be taken over. That’s right – Generation Y has entered the workforce (as anemic as it currently is), and is bound to become the dominant part of your enterprise within the next 10-15 years. What [...]


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